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St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church & School

101 Church St.
Wonewoc, WI  53968


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St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church & School
Join us for worship as we focus on the mission work God has done throughout history, through his people, and how he continues to reach lost souls throughout the world through us and our fellowship.  

There will be a presentation between the services and a potluck dinner after the late service. 

Divine Call

Dear brothers and sisters of St. Paul's, on Monday, August 29th, I received a divine call to serve as pastor at St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Wisconsin Rapids. I announced this after the service last Sunday, but with the holiday weekend and work schedules I know that some were not able to be there.

The Lord calls people to serve in the public ministry through the church, in whatever form the church takes (most commonly it's the local congregation). Just because I have a call doesn't mean I must accept it or will accept it.

This call is a good thing because it comes from the Lord. To have a call gives a pastor or teacher and the congregation a good opportunity to reflect on God's goodness, what he has accomplished through the called servant and what he has accomplished through the congregation. It also helps us consider what needs to be done here, and how and where the gifts the Lord has given to the called servant might best be used for God's glory and his kingdom.

No one call is more prestigious than another. Pastors and teachers don't work their way up the ranks. It might look like it sometimes, but it's just not the case. The call to serve at St. Paul's in Wonewoc is no better or worse than the call to serve at St. Paul's in Wisconsin Rapids or any other place. Each call is unique and requires a set of gifts that the Lord gives. It is a blessed privilege to serve the Lord and his people wherever he calls us.

Please pray for me, for our congregation, and for St. Paul's in Wisconsin Rapids. Feel free to give me your input: email me, call me, or talk to me face to face. It's fine if you want me to stay and it's fine if you want me to go, but I would appreciate good reasons for your thinking, something that may help me to make a thoughtful and God-pleasing decision. Please be honest. I trust that any communications will be made in love.

Remember that the Lord always provides. We have seen it in many ways personally and as a congregation. God will provide for both congregations with the shepherd he wants to serve at each place. It may be that I stay here. It may be that I move. Please pray above all that the Lord's will is done, and trust that the outcome will be blessed by God for all of us here and for the congregation there.

Thank you!
Pastor Snyder

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