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St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church & School

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Tenth Sunday after Pentecost

The Weekend of August 9,2020
The Christian seeks spiritual wealth. This Sunday’s readings are centered around the very ancient Prayer of the Day. For nearly 1600 years God’s people on this day have prayed that God might give them true spiritual wealth. “Teach us always to ask according to your will that we may never fail to obtain the blessings you have promised.” What a magnificent prayer for the materialist world in which we live! Our lessons today show people who have come into great wealth, but yet this earthly wealth only serves to illustrate where true treasure lies. Today we see that true, spiritual wealth can only be found in God and his eternal blessings for us in Christ.

Our journey through Romans continues as we consider the word "Chosen" and how it explains our Christian faith. This is number nine in a series of sixteen lessons.

If you know someone who would be interested in our services but does not have an internet connection, please let them know that we have DVDs available. They are ready to be picked up each week on Saturday by noon with the next day's worship service on it. They are outside the side door of church, beyond the end of the handicap ramp, in a mailbox mounted on the wall next to the door. Please have them call us at (608) 464-3212 to let us know so that we make enough copies each week. The DVDs are free.

Pentecost 10 Worship Service

Daily Devotion - Saturday, August 15, 2020
Each day we post a devotion to help set our hearts on Jesus.

Creation was perfect but incomplete. 

God had made Adam, the first man, but he was one of a kind. God showed Adam, in a very simple and practical way, that something was missing. He brought all the newly-created animals to Adam to have him name them. Remember that Adam was perfect in every way. This means he was perfectly intelligent and perfectly wise. He gave the animals perfect names which stuck. He also recognized that every animal had a mate, that there were male and female of every species...but not for the crown of God's creation. This is the conclusion God wanted Adam to come to, that there needed to be another human, another crown of creation to perfectly complement Adam. 

When God made the first woman, Eve, he made her in a wonderful way. People have debated the possible reasons why God took a rib from Adam to make Eve. He certainly didn't have to. What Adam says in today's verse sufficiently answers this: "This at last is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh." She was made from him, at the very least, to show the intimacy of the union of a man and woman as husband and wife. It foreshadowed when husband and wife marry, committing to life together until death, and become physically intimate. Through this intimacy, they become one flesh.

Marriage is still a wonderful and very needed blessing. Christ and his relationship to his church, his people, is a beautiful picture of marriage. Christ's commitment to love us unconditionally and give up his life for us is the commitment husbands and wives are to have for each other. The fact that it is so easily despised, neglected, and disposed of by people today shows that all too many lack real love and commitment in their lives, and they don't understand the blessing that marriage under God truly is. What this means is that most people don't really know God, or know him as well as they should, so they aren't being filled with his Word and his love. And so they have no strength and endurance for marriage.

We see what happens when marriage and family according to God's design are tossed aside after a time or dismissed altogether. Society crumbles. Some will argue that the disintegration of marriage and family aren't the problem, but statistics and our own eyes tell us otherwise.

May we always cherish marriage and family according to God's design. When we fail to live up to what God has called us to as husbands and wives, may we be led to repentance and find forgiveness and strength in Jesus to move on in renewed love for and commitment to our spouse. And when marriages fail, may God bring repentance, forgiveness, comfort, and strength to all those involved and affected by it.

While it can be helpful to have this available during the safer-at-home order, it is something that can be used at any time, or all the time. We are used to the offering being a part of our worship service, but giving online need not take away from thoughtful, heartfelt, faithful giving. In fact, it can be an aid for it.

We have now set up online giving for those who are interested. While many of our members either aren't able to get online or prefer to use their envelopes, we understand that many people today do many transactions online and are very comfortable doing so. It's easy and convenient.

Just so you know what to expect if you use our online giving:

Clicking the link will take you to a third-party website, Faithlife.com. You can donate either with a credit/debit card or by entering your checking account info--your bank routing number and account number. There are minimal processing fees charged to us with each transaction. The fees are taken right out of the gift. Because of greater processing fees with credit/debit cards, it costs less to use your checking account than a debit/credit card. There is also an option for you to cover the processing fees yourself. You simply click a box and, for example, your $25 gift to the church becomes $25.95 in the case of a credit/debit card ($25 to the church and 95 cents in processing fees to Faithlife). Otherwise the church gets $24.05. For using your checking account, the processing fee fro a $25 gift is 56 cents.  You don't have to pay the extra for the processing fees. We just want you to understand that the option is available.

If you really like technology and convenience, you can also text "Give" and then the amount you want to give, for example "Give 50" to (608) 424-2445. It will redirect you to our giving webpage to complete the offering, but after you've done it once, you can then give via text without the extra step of going to the giving webpage.

Thank you for your prayers for each other and our called workers and your continued support of our ministry.

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Help Available for You

Whether it's a prayer or something else, if you need help of some kind - any kind - and you think that we can help, please call. We're here for each other. We'll do what we can and, if needed, point you in a direction where you can get help that we can't provide. (608) 464-3212.

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