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St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church & School

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St. Paul's Ev. Lutheran Church & School

It's a special thing to be invited to a wedding. It means you're special to the couple getting married or to their parents. In this service, we hear Jesus' parable about a wedding banquet. You've been invited. Everyone is invited!

A banquet to which everyone is invited may not seem that special, but there are a couple of things to remember: no one who has been invited deserves an invitation--this is a picture of the grace of God; we still need proper dress--this is faith in Christ and his righteousness that covers our sin, faith that God provides, faith that is strengthened by Word and sacrament.

God strengthen us to continue to prepare for Christ's coming by turning to him in repentance receiving his forgiveness.

TLCO & Fish Fry

On Sunday, November 15th, St. Paul's will be hosting The Lutheran Ceili Orchestra. They were here last year to help us in our worship service and their music and ministry were enjoyed and appreciated by everyone. We know there are restrictions with COVID-19 on the rise, but we trust that we can spread people out sufficiently in our two services at 8am and 10:30am. There will be a door offering to help offset TLCO's expenses.

We will also be having a fish fry that day after the late service. The meal is FREE. While you may contribute a free-will offering, we don't want to get in the way of an appropriate gift-offering for TLCO. So if you don't think you have enough appropriate for both, give your door offering for TLCO and you are more than welcome to get a fish dinner without any cost.

In order to help us plan, please fill out the online order form. There are also regular order forms available at church for those who don't have a computer, so feel free to share that info.

Daily Devotion - Friday, October 23, 2020
When one of my boys was in 5th grade and on the basketball B-team, our team was playing another Lutheran school just down the road a little ways from our school. This would tell anyone familiar with our area that this happened before we moved to Wonewoc. We had a good team, which held true as the boys got to the upper grades. But at that game, the father of one of the 5th-graders on our team stormed onto the court during a break late in the game, grabbed his son, and left. He was upset that his son, a very short boy and not a natural when it came to basketball, had not been in the game yet. I could certainly understand his frustration, especially at that age. While there is still the goal of winning the basketball game at that level, every kid should have time on the court--and more than just a minute or so each half. I understand, as the grade levels go up and the competition gets tougher, that there may be more emphasis on winning than on getting everyone in the game, but with 5th graders, even though I thought our coaches did a pretty good job of getting everyone in, I didn't have a problem with what the father did, other than it probably embarrassed his son.

I could talk at length about what I think of some of the teams I've seen at our Lutheran schools--including the prep schools and college--and how I think we could do better with our athletics to teach and mirror what it means to be a part of the body of Christ. But that's not my point today. The emphasis of the passage is that we shouldn't be satisfied riding the bench, and when we're in the game, we need to follow the playbook. In sports, players don't usually have a say as to when and how much they'll play. In life as God's people, we do. The court or field is the world we live in. The playbook is the Bible. We can't make the Word of God simply a Sunday thing--or worse, simply a Christmas and Easter thing--and expect that this is OK with God. It's not OK with God because not only is it sin, but our faith won't survive if the Word isn't active in our hearts.

How do we make the Word alive and active so that we are not simply hearers of the Word but also doers? We don't. God does. So let's not tune out the Word. As we were taught when we were kids, we can hear or we can listen. If we are listening, paying attention, taking to heart what God says--particularly what he tells us about his love and mercy in Christ and how he has forgiven us, saved us, and made us knew people--his Word will work in us and we will be doers, not just hearers.
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